How It Works...

  • Customized Service

    At InVite® Health, we understand that everyone’s nutritional needs are different. This is why we offer free assessments from our in-store nutritional consultants. We identify the needs of each of our clients and create customized wellness plans to guide them on their journey toward optimal health.
  • Natural Products

    InVite® Health takes a holistic approach, using vitamins and supplements to improve overall health rather than focusing on just one specific issue. Our products can help counterbalance nutrient depletions caused by medications, and even help medications to work better.
  • Franchisee Training & Support

    As an InVite® Health franchise owner, you too can benefit from our exclusive products and individualized approach. We’ll teach you and your staff how to help your clients improve their health, naturally and show you how to make the best use of our unquestionable reputation for customer service, quality, and convenience.

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